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Explore the Various Styles of Wood Fencing

Hercules Fence of Washington D.C. Styles of Wood Fencing

There are a lot more styles of wood fencing than many people realize, offering a wide range of looks for any property.

If you’re looking to gussy up protection and aesthetics on your property, wood fencing is always a propitious choice. The versatility and natural beauty of wood make it a popular option (in apparent perpetuity!) for homeowners seeking that signature blend of privacy, security, and visual appeal. 

Read along below to learn about various styles of wood fencing—each with the potential to transform your outdoor space into your outdoor sanctuary.


Offering both durability and good looks, the board-on-board provides both effortlessly by virtue of its design/construction. By attaching every other picket to the opposite side of the rail, a structural sturdiness is achieved that just so happens to look equally stunning from both sides. With no gaps between the pickets, board-on-board fencing is an ideal choice for those yearning for maximum privacy. -You can of course opt for vertical or horizontal orientation to best suit your unique style.


For a cost-effective yet all-around solid privacy fence, side-by-side fencing, well, fits the bill. Each picket is placed directly adjacent to the next, forming a seamless “wall of wood.” While this style doesn’t provide quite the same level of privacy as board-on-board fencing, what it brings instead is an attractive and budget-friendly solution—although it is important to note that shrinkage of the pickets over time may result in small gaps, compromising privacy to some degree.


If your heart’s desire is a fence perfectly balancing privacy and style, the shadowbox design might set you to swooning. Alternating pickets on both sides with a gap in between create the intriguing eponymous “shadow” effect. When viewed head-on, the fence appears solid; from an angle, “snippets” of visibility are possible. This style ensures privacy even while maintaining an aesthetic that both you and your neighbors are sure to appreciate.


Ideal for farms and large properties, post-and-rail fences provide a classic, straightforward solution. Long, smooth-cut rectangular timber rails are suspended between sturdy posts, creating an open—yet defined—boundary. This style is often used to cordon off livestock or establish clear property lines. With its simplicity and ease of installation and repair, post-and-rail fencing offers a practical choice for those seeking functionality with a bonus touch of rustic charm.


For an entirely different touch of charm and elegance, lattice fencing might be the way to go. The crisscrossed strips of wood form an attractive ornamental design highly reminiscent of garden trellises. -Classy. Note that lattice material can be used for full-size fences or as a decorative topper for other styles. And not only does it add visual appeal, but it also keeps out unwanted visitors like deer and rabbits while still allowing plenty of light and airflow. And-and, with pre-made panels ready and available, installation is itself a gentle late-spring breeze.


Ah, a timeless favorite. With evenly spaced slats, the picket fence embodies a classically warm and welcoming aesthetic while managing a unique balance between visibility and security. Picket fences can be customized to adjust mid-slat gap sizing, affording both increased functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Traditionally associated with a white paint finish, an expertly-installed natural wood picket fence (-in any color of your choosing!) can lend a distinctly modern touch to your outdoor space, despite whatever hairbrained connotation with antiquity may nominally linger… Quick final note: pickets are typically shorter in height, making them a soundly economical option for what you’ll be saving in that “material costs” bit of the invoice.

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