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Avoid Neighbor Disputes With These Residential Fence Etiquette Tips

Hercules Fence DC Residential Fence Etiquette

Make sure to use proper residential fence etiquette when installing a new fence to avoid problems with your neighbors.

Do you want to be a respectful neighbor? One way to do so is to ensure that your fence isn’t on your neighbor’s property line. You can avoid neighbor disputes if you understand local zoning regulations and follow these tips for residential fence etiquette. When you want a residential fence on your property, but your neighbor is close to you, here is what to consider. 

The Must-Dos of Residential Fence Etiquette

You want to observe boundaries and not risk needing a new fence after installation because it’s one inch over your property line. It’s best to study your house drawing or plat or order a recent survey from a land surveyor to ensure you know the exact spot of your neighbor’s property line. Fortunately, fence companies will likely install your new fence a foot inside the line to be on the safe side. 

The fencing company you hire should obtain permits and know local regulations for fence height or any other setbacks or restrictions. It’s best to review rules with your fence company if practicing the proper residential fence etiquette is your goal. It’s also best to respect limits. Height limits are typically six feet for side and back yards and four feet for front yards. Corner lots also usually have more restrictive rules where blind curves can limit driving visibility. 

You also don’t want to ignore HOA (Home Owner Association) rules. Many people don’t know that fence companies are not responsible for knowing HOA rules. It’s your job to understand the do’s and don’ts. Following the HOAs guideline is best to avoid committee wrath and engage in a dispute. HOAs can dictate your fence’s style, height, and maintenance. You often see in townhome communities that the fencing looks nearly the same. Since HOAs want the fencing to look the same, you don’t have much wiggle room to change the structure. 

Nice Things to Do

Feel free to share your plans with your neighbor. Before fence installation begins, you can have a friendly conversation about what you plan to do with your yard. If a property line issue exists, resolve them before the installation. You don’t have to go so far as to show them the design, but you want to ensure that your neighbor knows your fence won’t overlap with their yard. Also, consider putting the more finished side of your fencing facing the street and your neighbor’s yard. Finally, you want to clean and maintain both sides of the fencing. If an aging section begins to lean, you want to shore that section or have it replaced

We hope that you learned a lot from these residential fence etiquette tips. Contact us today to learn more about the different styles and materials of residential fences we offer. 

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