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Best Fence Styles for Commercial Applications

chain link fencing for commerical applications

Commercial Fencing Options

When it comes to commercial fencing for your property, there are several options available but which to use? First, you must consider the property in which you are fencing. Is the area a high risk area or is security not an issue? How much would you like to spend on your custom fence? What look are you trying to achieve with your fencing? Once you have answered some of these questions, you can look at your options objectively. Three of the best fences for commercial fencing applications are:

  1. Chain Link Fencing- This type of fencing is the most versatile of your fencing options. Available in two styles, galvanized and vinyl coated, chain link fencing can be customized to fit your commercial fencing needs. Chain link fencing is durable and can be customized with materials like barbed wire and razor ribbon to heighten the security for your commercial property.
  2. Aluminum Fencing- This style of fencing is strong yet pleasing to the eye. Aluminum fencing requires little maintenance as it guards your commercial property and is coated with a powder coating to prevent chipping and rusting. Aluminum fencing gives the appearance of steel, without the steel cost.
  3. Automated Gate System- This system of fencing guarantees the security of your commercial property, even when you aren’t there. A gate operator system can ensure your property remains safe and secure for you and your employees. Use push buttons, touch pads, swipe cards, or transmitters to allow access through the automated gate. Hydraulic or chain-drive mechanics can be used as the operator for these systems.

At Hercules Fence of Washington, DC, we know the importance of commercial fencing. When you are running a business, the last thing that you want to worry about is your fencing options and how your current fencing is working. Allow one of our professionals evaluate your commercial fencing needs and design a custom fence that works best for you. With the highest quality materials at a price that is reasonable, Hercules Fence of Washington, DC is the only name you need when it comes to commercial fencing.

To get started with the installation of your commercial fence, call us at (301)-441-1600 or click here today. Follow Hercules Fence of Washington, DC today on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.



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