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Power Washing Your Fence 101

Lattice Top Cedar Wood Fence Panel with Double Gate

Summer is a great time to power wash your beautiful wooden fence.

One of the best activities for a hot weekend in the summer is power washing. Power washing is the best way to keep your fence looking new and serving its purpose—accenting and protecting your property. If you are ready to get your fence looking clean before your Fourth of July barbecue, here’s what you need to know about power washing.

Start with Detergent
First, mentally divide the length of your fence into sections. Start by wetting the first
section of the fence and the surrounding plants and soil. This trick helps to prevent
the soap you are using on your fence from damaging the plants growing around it.
Next, turn on the detergent tank and slowly apply it, starting at the bottom and
moving to the top. Give the detergent a chance to settle in for about 5-10 minutes. If
the day is warm and portions of the fence start to dry before the 10 minutes is up,
add more water to stop the drying process. If there are very dirty portions of your
fence, take the time to work them out with a rotating scrub brush.
Rinse It Off
Next, switch your pressure washer onto the low-medium pressure setting. Since
wood fences are soft and relatively delicate, you don’t want to damage the wood
itself or the structural integrity of your fence with an overly-powerful spray. Aim for
a fan pattern with a moderate amount of pressure behind it to cover a good area of
the fence at a time. Rinse off any soap that is still remaining on the surface, but work
from the top down this time. Make sure everything is completely washed away and
then get started on the next section of fence.
Finish the Job
Many homeowners like to combine tasks and use pressure washing as the perfect
primer for applying a new coat of paint or stain. Always let your wood fence dry for
at least 48 hours before doing so, otherwise you could be sealing the water into the
boards and encouraging rot to set in. Once the fence is completely dry and there is
no rain in the forecast for another 48 hours, paint or seal it.
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