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Advantages of an Automatic Driveway Security Gate

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Learn about the advantages of an automatic driveway security gate.

Adding a fence to your property offers many benefits, from increased curb appeal to added security. However, most residential fences have one big hole – literally – at the driveway. In fact, some people choose not to fence their front yards, rather than deal with the complication of a driveway. If you want your fence to provide security, the driveway needs a gate that shuts, which is where an automated gate comes in. Learn more about the advantages of an automatic driveway security gate.

Convenient Safety, Security, and Privacy

A strong, quality gate is instrumental in keeping children and pets contained on your property, so that they don’t wander off and get hurt. Automated gates give you the peace of mind of always knowing the gate is securely locked and your family is safe, because it closes and locks automatically. Security is not just keeping things in, but also about keeping things out. Being able to control who has access to your property is the only way to ensure total security and privacy. Your fence does most of the work in this regard, but the gate also plays a part when it is closed and locked. An automatic gate is always locked, unless you decide to open it, for people you decide to let on your property. Many automated gates allow you to electronically monitor who is trying to gain access and buzz them in, or to provide access codes in advance to people who should have them, all from the convenience of your home. Finally, having an automated gate can deter people from using your driveway as a turnaround, since there’s a clear security system there.

Aesthetics and Options

Automatic gates come in a variety of styles and options. They can range from stately and elegant to match your beautiful wrought iron security fence to functional and plain to match your chain link privacy fence. The automatic gates can swing open or slide sideways to allow entry. You will even have a variety of security controls to choose from, from keypad systems to signal sensing systems. With all the options available, you are sure to find something to meet your needs.

Financial Benefits

Automatic gates can also have financial benefits, like increasing property value and decreasing insurance. Once you’ve decided to install a fence with an automatic gate, contact your insurance company to see if you qualify for a discount. The preemptive steps you’re taking to secure your property could potentially translate to financial savings. The automatic gate is also a valuable upgrade to your property that could translate to as much as a 5% increase in your property value.

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