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The Benefits of Perimeter Security

Security Perimeter Fencing DC Property

If you really want to protect your DC property, you need to set property perimeters. A great fence to install for a DC property is a wired fence. The fence wires should be tightly woven together to make it difficult for intruders to break or push the wires apart.

Here at Hercules Fence we specialize at perimeter security.

What is perimeter security all about?

Perimeter security is all about giving  you a peace of mind by securing your property with a reliable security fence system. Yes this could include an access control gate system. Yes, we can install an anti-climb fence for your property.

When you’re looking for an undefeated fence, you’re looking for a Hercules Fence.

Honestly, a security fence is the most cost effective security system you can install for your property.

Every Hercules Fence comes with a warranty and we are more than happy to do maintenance on your fence.

What is the perimeter security design you can envision for your DC property?

We are here to make your vision your reality.

If you want an electric fence installed for your property, we will make sure the security fence is UL approved.

UL approved fencing is a fence that’s not lethal to humans. It’s a fence that safe while giving a fair warning to onlookers that they should not try to come onto your property without permission.

Hercules Fence is 100% dedicated to protecting your family and your home integrity.

We will never use second hand materials to create/ design your fence. We use only superior materials to make Hercules Fences for residential and commercial purposes.

The home is a valued sanctuary. It needs protection at all times. Perimeter security can provide that protection.

We will define your property boundaries to prevent disputes with neighbors as well as lawsuits.

Take a look at our fence projects to see what we can offer you for security.

Hercules Fence has been designing high security fencing since 1955. We can promise you security in every job. Yes, our exceptional service is available for both residential fence installations and commercial fence installations for high security applications.

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