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Restore Your Wooden Fence to its Former Glory

6 Foot High Board on Board with Diagonal Lattice

Summer is a perfect time for getting your wood fence in order.

Years and years of seasonal wear and tear and general use can take their toll on

your fence. Even regular maintenance can’t prevent that. So how do you make your
fence look like new without actually getting a new one?

Some Easy Repairs Can Help Your Fence Last Longer
Glue down any pieces that may be damaged. Make sure the wood is completely dry
and apply waterproof glue to any split or broken pieces. Tape or clamp securely to
allow the glue time to set properly.
Tighten any boards that may be loose. Use water resistant, stainless steel screws
and drive them in until the heads are about ¼ inch deep. Fill the holes with a
matching caulk to protect the screws.
Straighten sagging gates and doors. You can do this by using a turnbuckle. If you
want it to be less conspicuous, you can always spray paint it with a water-resistant
outdoor paint. If you are going to paint your turnbuckle, be sure to do so BEFORE
you put it up.
Clean Your Fence
Power washing is a very aggressive cleaning method. A power washer will get off all
the dirt, but if you’re not careful you can go too deep into the wood and damage it.
The trick is to select the right tip for the power washer and use a good technique.
Your wooden fence was a big investment, so researching proper technique is
Rent a power washer that runs at 1,500-2,000 psi. There of course more powerful
models, but you don’t want one that is too powerful because it can damage your
fence. Get both 15- and 25-degree spray tips and be sure to ask the rental people to
show you how to use it. Power washers are pretty simple to operate.
Staining Can Make Your Worn Out Fence Look Years Younger
Applying a good wood stain to your fence can keep it looking nice for anywhere
between two and five years at a time depending on which stain you choose and the
weather conditions where you live. Before application, be sure to remove any dirt
from your fence and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. Staining penetrates the top
layer of the wood and makes it a more uniform color throughout your fence and
some can even help protect the wood from UV damage.
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