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How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden And Yard


Don’t let deer eat your garden that you’ve worked so hard to maintain- let Hercules Fence Washington DC help by installing a reliable residential fence!

Deer are determined to enter your yard and eat from your garden, so you have to go to preventative measures to stop them. Deer can eat six to ten pounds of food daily, including food from the garden you’ve put so much time and energy into maintaining. To prevent damage to your garden from hungry deer, you need a reliable residential fence for your yard.

What To Look For In Your Fence

While a fence is the most effective method for keeping deer out of your lawn, you need to have the right type of residential fence. A decorative picket fence won’t do much to protect your garden, as deer can jump up to eight or 12 feet. A fence any shorter may intimidate deer, but if they can see food in your garden, they won’t be afraid to make the jump. Your fence should either be too tall so a deer won’t attempt the high leap or should block your garden so they can’t see any food. A tall protective fence can be chain link, so the beauty of your garden can shine through for others to see. Just be sure your plants are far enough away from the fence that a deer can’t reach them from the other side.

Another option is to double up on fences by spacing the inner fence about five feet from the outer fence. This will keep animals out because deer can’t leap a tall and wide fence area at the same time. In this instance, you can reduce the fence height to about five or six feet. To take extra precautions, place stakes into the area surrounding the fence, as deer will usually only jump if they have a clear landing area.

Signs Of Deer Activity

If you think that you don’t have deer because you never see them, think again. Deer usually feed in the early morning, at dusk, and overnight, so you may actually never see a deer in your garden. Take a look in your garden for these signs of deer activity to ensure you don’t have any unwanted visitors:

  • Bitten leaves: Since deer lack upper front teeth, they eat leaves by biting down and pulling their head to a side. This creates torn edges of leaves and stems, which are easy to spot in your garden.
  • Hoofprints: Spotting deer print can be easy, as their hoofs look like upside-down hearts. If the dirt is too soft and you can’t see any prints, look for deep holes poked in the soil.
  • Droppings: Deer droppings look like round pebbles, and are often in a small pile.

Protect Your Garden with Hercules Fence of Washington, DC!

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